How this all happened for me:

Hi! Well, for me it's usually ALL ABOUT YOU, or at least it is when I am working with you, but this one time I will let it be a little about me!

I first picked up a camera in Milwaukee, WI when I was a little girl and orchestrated all of these complex shoots involving my stuffed animals in various locations. When you're 9 or 10 years old and you're paying for the film and processing out of your own allowance, it must be love! My next "clue" that I might have the magic in me was when I was 14 and took a lot of photos at my Uncle's wedding in Chicago, and even though they had hired a wedding photographer, the only shots you ever saw in a frame were the ones I took.

Kristin Hoebermann_self_portrait-82Then in high school, I took another path for a while and studied acting at ECA (Educational Center for the Arts) in New Haven, CT where my family moved when I was about to start my freshman year in high school. ECA was an amazing place for me creatively. I really liked all of the acting classes, movement, scene work, etc. but what I LOVED was just being with those people! Cool, real, open interesting people (you know the type…!) Anyway, what I found during my 3 years there, was that although I didn't really get jazzed by being on stage so much, I really enjoyed working on the lighting, being backstage in almost any capacity, and found I especially loved directing. I was able to work with my director, the director of my program, Robert Parker, and he helped me to find my place and inspired me to continue my creative life, wherever it was going to take me.

I started college at Boston University, and in my Sophomore year, I took photography for the first time. It seemed like it would be creative and fun and I thought, why not? On my first day in class, I dropped a lens on the floor in front of my 40 or so classmates, and my instructor, who also happened to be head of the photography department. He promptly spun around, pointing at me and yelled "never do that!" So, a great beginning… nevertheless, I went back the next day and promptly fell in love with the art of photography. It happened on that day, day two of my photography experience, it was the moment that I knew I was about to be totally in love with the art. It is a day I'll never forget. Eventually, that same instructor hired me to run the entire photo lab for him as a part time job, which I did for 2 years as a Junior and Senior, until I graduated. He has visited my studio in NY and is very proud of me now! 

So, now I knew my path! From the first moments, I found I truly loved working with people. The human face is beautiful, the glimpses I see into the spirit, the spark and personality of an individual, and the complexity of a person's heart and soul inspired me to no end. I had many types of assignments in school, but somehow turned them all around to my way of seeing and quickly created a personal style. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and I moved to NYC because (and I am not joking), I flipped a coin on my birthday and decided if it was heads, I would go to NYC, and if tails, to Chicago. (I was listening to Frank Sinatra and it was either "Chicago, Chicago" or "New York, New York, if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..")I was ready to pursue my dream and my coin flip/heads and NYC it was! And so here I am :)